Thursday, 28 April 2016

Big dreams in the Town of Leapers

Site of dreams

Nearly the weekend.

Every evening this week I return to room 529 and look down on the construction of a €250m project in Leopardstown; office blocks, retail bits and nearly 300 apartments.

Leopardstown in Irish, Baile na Lobhar, meaning Town of the Lepers is a district located at the foot of the Dublin Mountains. Rents are high and prospects are higher, companies scrabbling over themselves to be here.

Leopardstown is a conurbation southeast of Dublin city. It is split by the M50 motorway the sound of whose cars are permanent. A few paces away is Sandyford. Sandyford’s industrial estate burst upon the world in 1977 and is now home to much vacant office buildings.

There is much activity, so little time, hope and emptiness.

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