Saturday, 16 April 2016

Bargains in the Barn – The Hazlemere Gardening Association

An orderly queue at the check out

Pretty prices and pretty much everything! Every Sunday morning from February through to November, from 10 – 12am, the doors of the Barn are thrown wide open.
Soil, composes and fertilizers

If you are a member (and there are three hundred of them) of the Association you can avail yourself of a super seeds, bulbs, potatoes, composts and a host horticultural nourishments, fertilizers, canes and supports, frames and pots and containers.

The Barn is a gardener’s delight; all one’s material needs are satisfied via this super-size selection of garden stuffs, sundries, tools, trugs and soils. 

Siân finds a reason to visit each week. This Sunday my mark making was misconstrued for industrial espionage however all was explained once I showed my drawing!

More on the association and how to get inside the Barn


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