Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Best of Friends: The Barrow and the Rotavator

Things are starting to get busy down on the allotment. 

Sian is working her way through a big mound of soil that was ‘inherited’ with Plot 4C.

The soil mound is a spoil heap of earth skimmed off or not needed and dumped from other plots we suppose. When cleared it will be the potato growing area.

The rest of S’s plot continues to slumber under a duvet of Mypex, toasty warm and in readiness for planting. 

A plot or so down is the home of a bright yellow wheelbarrow hardly used. The yellow wheel sits next to the rusty red rotavator which I hope will spring to life soon; one assumes it still has life left in it in spite of its oxidizing frame and components.

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