Tuesday, 10 March 2015


The Happy Valley Holiday Caravan Park 

Our  home for St David's day

I sit on the front step and draw
Monday morning it is calmer although the wind still bows trees eastwards. And looking down to the sea, low tide and further along the coast the sun breaks through and turns the sand into a giant mirror.  

As you step outside all one can hear is wind and sea.

Everyday we have made our way over the sand dunes, a twenty-minute walk to the beach. 

Broad sands, some black rocks and large shingle in places, thrown up high against the margin of the dunes.

We collect Seaweed bag up and haul back up to the house. We are also scavenging for driftwood for creating decoration in the Summer House at home. The flatter pieces we find will make canvases for painting.  There is a lot to collect and repurpose.

As I write this he sky changes again and we can clearly see the coast of Devon across the water. Three crows cross the field of view. Not a sound inside apart from a ticking clock.

Peaceful and a place allotted for a return stay.

How to find Wig Fach

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