Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Sian enjoys the must-read, almost daily, gardening blog called Mark's Veg Plot   marksvegplot.blogspot.com/

It is packed with good advice and superb photographs. Mark's blog is the business for horticulture and garden enjoyment. 

I connected with Mark on Twitter, ingratiating myself through my allotment drawings; So I was pleased when the great gardener let me do a picture of his plot!



  1. Tim, it is I who am indebted to you, not the other way round! Seeing your painting next to the original photo just shows what a good job you did. I think many of my gardening+blogging friends would also like the same treatment for their plots / gardens. I must write something about this on my own blog too.

  2. Thank you and we will remain connected With a new growing season I might spring for another in the Summer! T&S

  3. You definitely captured his garden.


Thank you very much for your comments - Tim