Sunday, 8 March 2015


Towards Ogmore by Sea

Towards Porthcawl

The lovely Pelican Pub - Great Gower Beer
Wig Fach does have a signpost so it must be a place.  A collection of bungalows are clustered round a village green, punctuated by telegraph poles, an old caravan, a trailer and gravel lorry, all fringe the green.

The signpost is on the main road from Bridgend to Porthcawl, holiday trailer home capital of south Wales and not a million miles from the M4.  We are next to the Happy Valley Caravan Park.

Friday afternoon arrival: We have come here for the weekend of St David’s Day, and yesterday, March 1st everyone was sporting daffodils, Prince of Wales Feather broaches or wearing their Leek.

Lunchtimes in the pub, on Saturday in the Pelican at Ogmore by Sea and on St David’s day, we went west to the Prince of Wales pub at Mawdlam.

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