Monday, 15 September 2014


St Magnus The nave and north transcept 
We’d booked into a tour of St Magnus Cathedral. I’d signed the ‘I am not suffering from vertigo or claustrophobia’ form.  After the first flight of stone steps and we were only in the Triforium when I asked to be excused from the rest of it.

So Sian did the whole thing including a view from the roof/spire across the entire area of Kirkwall.  At ground level, sitting the calm and empty nave I made two drawings and marvelled at the red sandstone and lofty height of the place, which rivals any cathedral on the mainland. This is a charming church; a mixture of red sandstone and honey coloured stone both of which were hewn local. It is a lofty place reaching up so very high and seen for miles around as it should be.
Memorial Stones

Literally across the street is the Palace of the Earls and Bishops palace. Our Scottish Heritage ‘Rover’ Pass let us in without let or hindrance. In the afternoon sun this renaissance palace was the colour of honey and imposing.

The work of Earls of Scotland who were in turn put to the sword as soon as the place was completed, a tough end for such hard work.

Renaissance in the north

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