Tuesday, 30 September 2014


We wanted a closer look at the woodcarvings and other loveliness with St Magnus Cathedral. When you look at the nave and chapel of Rognvald with a replica of a small Viking ship on the alter you appreciate the strong links to Norway and the Vikings. There are some lovely Romanesque features that probably created by the same English masons who may have worked on Durham.
Upon the Chapel a Viking Ship 

Across from the cathedral is the Orkney Museum into which we popped on several occasions. The Orkney Museum takes you easily from the Stone Age, to the Picts and Vikings, right through to the present day. On this occasion we were keen to see the box in which St Magnus’s bones were discovered in the Middle Ages. The whole place is a treasure trove!  It was great playing with the Runic alphabet to spell my name and making a rubbing of Viking Breast Plate.

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