Thursday, 11 September 2014

Letter from the Orkney SUNDAY: STORMS

Awoke to gales and rain that lasted all day. After a good breakfast we bundled into the car and headed up the road and round the headlands to Stromness the second biggest town and a port on the south west point of the island.
Steeped in history the streets were polished by the rain, tourists huddled in waterproofs and one or two locals, intent on prolonging last night’s drinking and wearing very little.
Full of galleries and craft shops and references to the Hudson’s Bay Company, lifeboats and of course this is the gateway to Scapa Flow.
I bought some postcards and given them in a paper bag stamped ‘Scapa Flow’ and a picture of the sinking Hindenburg. 

After a tea and espresso we head home via Earl’s Bu. This is not far from where we are staying. It comprises the remains of a Norse farmstead and attached to it the remains of a lovely circular church, Scotland’s only medial church dating from the 12C.

Stromness From the dock of the original Hudson's Bay wharf

Fishing boats in Stromness  from the expensive tea room 

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