Thursday, 31 July 2014


They say that the passage of time is marked when the policemen look younger.

Likewise the voices of pilots over the PA system of Ryan Air 737-800s have a similar impact. 

No sooner had we almost (but not quite) landed at Valencia last Friday then we were travelling back up again, Apollo 13-like vertically and a youthful voice informed us that it was "not quite right to land". We were up in the air collecting our senses and stomachs and only ten minutes late arriving.

Another pilot's voice, with boyish enthusiasm, on the way home on Monday, massive chatting us through bumps and dips through the air approaching Stanstead. 

One almost imagines the Pilot putting down his GCSE Key Stage 5 Revision Notes to make the announcement to return to our seats.

Ryan Scare: Up, up and away.

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