Tuesday, 8 July 2014


On every street, in every bar and restaurant the jeunesse dorée shine. Supper in the Pastis Restaurant 
28-rue du commendant Andre.  I glance up from my drawing and see a couple, heads down and arguing. She looks so sad. They pay, rise from their and part.

I am not mistaken when ten minutes later Mlle is back with another party. We all smile in Cannes.
We all smile in the Pastis Resturant Cannes


Unaccompanied, alone, and agreeably open to voices in the Grill and Wines 5, Rue de Notre Dame, service slow, entrecote excellent.
Conversations drift like parfum forte

"She flew me first class; it was one of the most memorable things
"You want red Sharon?
"I saw you on stage
"Do you want red meat?
"Yeah, definitely,
"Do you know that bloke?
"Oh fuck it, no!
"And in the plane, right, Matthew right, I got my photo took, on Facebook, ain’t that crazy!
"So what’s your karaoke song?

Cannes the town of loud conversations

Almost there, I only have tomorrow to inspire, entertain and guide my flock. I walk up the Croisette for a cocktail with Marc and Lou Lou. Too tired for supper I kiss goodbye I walk back down the sea front. Most are contemplating what to wear or where to go.

Hunger pounces and I enjoy a lovely lonely meal at the Café Restaurant In - Rue de 24 Aout. The TV is on, playing a World Cup game and sip my Côtes de Provence.

A week of noise, and brilliance and smiles and warmth. The sun warms us all and we have much of which to be thankful in this seaside town avec ils étaient des gens hautains.

The last supper in Cannes

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