Sunday, 20 July 2014


Henley regatta without the Henley regatta,

We are passing under Henley Bridge upstream on the MV Cantara of Dart towards Wargrave. 

As if by magic the pageant is ended the circus is over and once through Marsh Lock thre is peace. The broad Thames stream without craft or people causes us to contemplate swimming.

Mrs Duck comes to look at my work
We come upon a small eyot that splits the river in two and put over to the left hand bank where a boat has a moment previously  pulled away as if to give this mooring spot to us.

The entire bank and channel is outs.

We take a swim before lunch, eye level with water lilies, ducks and May Flies of deep turquoise. 

Beneath the surface of the water it is milky green fading to a dark brown as we push out to the centre of the river.

Lunch and then another swim, and now the water is noticeably cooler. I sit by the river’s edge, not a soul about.

I draw the grasses and sedges that are so close. Mrs Duck comes to look at my work and I keep her attention with a piece of French bread.

I draw the grasses and sedges

Time and conversation drift for maybe four hours or more. 

We then turn back for Henley and the sun has swung round behind us from white to orange as we head down stream. 

We are back on the regatta course to see the final races of the day and then home through Hambledon and Hurley locks and so to Temple Marina to end a lovely day.

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