Sunday, 6 July 2014



It is always overcast in Cannes when I arrive.
I make the a short walk to the Palais de Congress to get my pass for the next six days. Cue thunderstorms. The red carpet is drenched and so are I.
Thunder on arrival in Cannes

Africans appearing from the side streets selling umbrellas. I am in the Best Western, two blocks from the Boulevard de la Croisette. No cats allowed in the hotel as there is no room to swing them. Across from the hotel Monoprix  >> I buy one red, one white and some saucisson sec. All of this is packed into the fridge of my tiny room.
A sunset from the Radisson
The walk to work 


How many shades of blue? And red? And purple? Sunset in and across Cannes. 

All trees now are deepest blue. Only the beach is an pale ochre rim. The Radisson Hotel with its wonderful restaurant view and a lovely supper with Annie, Susan and Trish. 

We banter about the week ahead and gaze out over a billion euros worth of yachts.

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