Wednesday, 7 November 2012


At about 20:30 we touch down last night at Siem Reap, our staging post to visit the temples of Angkor. This wonder of the world, nestling in the plains of north-west Cambodia, is archaeological site of some seventy-seven square miles. 

The night prior we had left the  chattering of business-lounge and boarded one of BA’s big planes to Bangkok. Eleven hours later we were there, in the late afternoon sun and 30 degrees of heat. We found our way to the Bangkok Airlines transit desk and then their Lounge and after coffee along to Gate C1A for flight PG 909 on an impossibly small plane the ATR – 72 with real propellers!

The evening weather at the tiny Siem Reap airport was not dissimilar, warm and a clear night sky. We were scooped up by a nice driver and taken to our hotel. Tomorrow was the first day among the shrines and deities of Angkor, ruins rising up from the deep jungle. 

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