Wednesday, 11 July 2012



“Attention all Spicejetters! We are ready to board passengers for Flight SG 137 to Ahmedabad and Goa, please have your boarding cards and papers ready”

New to Spice Jet I thought this might be the Virgin Atlantic of Asia as I skipped down the skyway to the waiting Boeing 737; the cabin crew, were dressed in red, like Virgin. However those on the Jaipur-Ahmedabad leg bore a very severe demeanour possibly cause by their impossibly tight-fitting uniforms.

However my being a ‘Spicejetter’ was confirmed by the Welcome article in the inflight penned by Kalanithi Maran, Chairman, who opened his upbeat missive with ‘Dear Spicejetters’

After more security checks at Ahmedabad, conducted in the comfort of seats 4E and F and a change of cabin crew we on the way to Goa, India’s smallest state and billed by many as Paradise.

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