Sunday, 31 August 2014


Full size reconstruction of a 18 C home
I have been promising myself another visit to Korea for sometime. My use of the British Museum was becoming far too perfunctory, using the Members Rooms as my London office.

Room 67 is full of exquisite Korean treasures from way back when to almost the present day. This is a very intimate experience; ceramics, jewellery, writings, utensils, the stuff of life and art. 

Exquisite Korean Treasures 
Korea as in geographic reality is cheek by jowl to the Japan and Chinese rooms and hence has a great many Asian visitors with headsets and cameras. I often wonder what they think as they walk round all these artefacts from their homelands. 

More delightful and so simple ceramics

It is unique experience; Would one go to Seoul or Singapore to see an exhibition notionally titled Britain 1066 -1966 or perhaps Green and pleasant yet tough on pheasants - the countryside in England in pictures.

Most strange, in the British Museum you can travel almost anywhere.

BM's website;) The Korea Foundation Gallery