Monday, 11 August 2014


"It's the seaside,” said Mark.

And so it was. We were walking along the promenade of Alcossebre, the early evening warmth and voices rising up on the beach.  In dribs and drabs people make their the way back to their apartments or set out intent on supper

Alcossebre, once it was just a beach and then became a village. Recently British ex-pats laid claim, until the economic ‘pop’ of 2008 -9 when the British scurried home to Blighty.

Now it was busy but not crowded; a blue sky meets blue sea, two blues that stretch on endlessly.

This is a gentle, vibrant town, an hour from the Port of Valencia, two hours from the zingy Barcelona and so very Spanish. A population of some 8,000 is swelled in the summer.  

A place founded by the Knights Templers in the 12th century.

Each night we eat out under the sky and gaze out towards the sea or directly upwards through an olive tree’s canopy.

Later that evening and every evening (!)

Karen and Mark made this village their summer home eight years back and now often return each year and often visit in January to celebrate birthdays and be somewhere warm and sunny!
They sent me for the newspapers, I stayed for coffee

"It's the seaside,” said Mark. 
Mark and Karen have made this their home. It becomes ours too.

(Part one of three pieces)

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