Friday, 15 August 2014


.. everything is bleached a blinding white
I had bought my colours and brushes in the hope that one-day, some colour sketches of this place would take 'grow' into larger formats. Each day I was able to achieve something; difficult not to with so much light, warmth and colour.

It was enchanting to be in this Mediterranean landscape, another Mediterranean setting, in addition to my time in Cannes in June, which was so much an urban experience.

Behind Alcossebre a mountainous National Park rises up in fortification and to the southwest are large fields with orange groves, their impossibly green leaves against a blood red soil.  Olive trees, their leaves shimmer silver, again against this unreasonable blue sky.
. . . .with so much light, warmth and colour.

 . . . .Olive trees, their leaves shimmer silver
At each day, at the midpoint everything is bleached a blinding white. Old drainage channels separate every field, so arid, and always that thin strip of blue, the sea, is in view.

Saturday becomes Sunday. I'm taken to the small church called Saint Antonio; a tiny chapel built in 1729, next to the seashore’s shingle road. We have another coffee at another cafĂ© this time with red umbrellas and look across to the church.

(Part two of three posts)

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