Wednesday, 20 August 2014


The curfew at Dusseldorf airport falls at 10 pm of an evening so if BA mess up at the Heathrow end (and we were waiting for the 20:40 back to London) then likelihood is that one is going to have an unexpected extended stay.

Thus is come to pass, on Thursday with my colleague Sean.

There was a muffled announcement on the Lounge PA system followed by an unseemly haste of London bound business people back through the airport to the BA Sales desk to be repatriated, with an alternative means of travel.

It could have been worse. Once installed in the Sheraton across from Arrivals we were forced to Google ‘best traditional German restaurant in alt district Dusseldorf’ and as if by magic Trip Advisor came up with Brauerei Zum Schiffchen and we were on or way. 

The taxi deposited us right outside the door.

Inside and glow of warm light and dark wood, scrubbed tables and people enjoying themselves; some of whom were local, others obviously also slaves to Trip Advisor.

The “Schiffchen“ (as it is commonly called) is run by Rolf Klostermeier, who attends to you with all his heart. So proclaims the website.

A first-rate evening aided and abetted by Rolf:  Two Herring starters, and Pork Knuckle and Sauerkraut for Sean and a selection of Wurst, Sauerkraut and Mash for me. A lovely 2009 Rotwein Trocken Pfalz  (Petit N. QbA Castel Peter, Pfalz) to accompany the excellent food.

To bid the evening farewell and to remember to set our alarms we enjoyed a couple of schnapps Zum Schiffchen Edelkorn as suggested by Rolf.

Link to the restaurant here

And here for the city guide

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