Saturday, 16 August 2014


Vegetables are needed for lunch; we stop, on the way back from St Antonio, at a near-ruined farm building, now home to bougainvillea.

The Chapel at St Antonio

Tomatoes and other veg are quickly purchased and we head home for luncheon.  (The stall-holder runs out of tomatoes and scurries into the field next door to pick some more)

Languishing through a sleepy afternoon, we are blessed by the shade of tall pine trees in the garden. They rock gently in the breeze; sounds emerge from the beach across the road from the garden. We slide into the pool like seals down a rock.

The smallholder scurries into the field for more tomatoes 

Monday is our back-to-the airport day. An early dawn is grey and then, to wave goodbye, the sun appears.

Mark takes us back to the airport in Valencia. And along the route I again wonder at the arid ground and orange tree fields, tomatoes and olive groves and purple blue hills that climb up behind us as we journey home.

This is the final piece, for now.

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