Friday, 6 July 2012


Comfortable flight to Delhi on Wednesday afternoon, arriving 06:40 local time Thursday; excellent Indian vegetarian meal on the plane to get us in the mood.
Sleep difficult because of screaming baby in seat B13.
Arrived Taj Mahal Hotel and feted by a platoon of managers and associated hotel staff. Quite the most wonderful hotel on the planet and a great favourite as they appreciate the obsequious nature of my feedback from previous visits.

In spite of lack of sleep we did a whole four hours of sightseeing;

Huaz Khas is the site of a wonderful red sandstone complex (circa1325) comprising a Madrasa build by the side of a tank (reservoir) by Feroze Shar Tughlaq when this part of Delhi was a separate city call Siri.  In the interior of the Madrasa it was lovely and cool with young people sitting around or with their heads in books.

Onwards to Humayun’s Tomb another red sandstone jewel box. A classic of Mughal architecture – we know ‘mughal’ better as Moghul or Mogul as in Genghis Khan.   This wonderful garden tomb was a pattern for the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Very hot today, 39 degrees with sweat drops on my page as I draw. The speak of monsoons soon.