Wednesday, 25 July 2012


One week since our return; why should the memories of the days in India not be still so potent:

Monday evening July 16 and late into Delhi on the train. Nothing could have prepared us for the people on the platform. Six trains, from across India each carrying about 1000 people arrive at the same time! The ‘press’! Our driver was right outside our carriage and led us through the throng! Up the stairs and we were pushed and shoved and we reciprocated, to just get to the top of the stairs. Relief, we were back, 30 minutes later, at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi!

Tuesday, the last day, and chilling by the pool. I caught up with Taran in a coffee shop in Khan Market just down the road!

India? Oh India.
The grand Mughal monuments of Delhi and green streets and impossibly large crowds on each railway platform.
The romance of Jaipur, its fort high on hilltops, music and dancing and dress – THE land of Princes.
Green coastal Goa, with tall palm trees, Portuguese heritage and seas crashing on the beach.
And before Delhi there was Agra: this earlier seat of Mughal power; with its most precious flower -  the Taj Mahal.

Taj Hotels
We will leave this world-class hotel group, just for now. The evening before we depart, it sit in the lobby, make one final drawing in the lobby -  dedicated to Lakshay Nirula, Manager of the Concierge team.

Farewell - विदाई  vidaai