Saturday, 14 July 2012


Another day in Paradise.

I thought, given the abundance of flowers and foliage I would tray my hand at botanical illustration; Following in the footsteps of Marion North 1830 - 1890 who's work is on display at Kew Gardens.
Results featured here: a triumph of charm over accuracy.

Had a lovely meeting with Guest Services Manager Derek Monteiro. I learnt a great deal about the Taj Hotel Group's enviable obsession with supporting local resources and culture.

He drew my attention to the number-plaques on each house: Of course, in that distinctive blue and white Portuguese pottery style that was prevalent until recent times and rescued by Taj when they commission all manner of pottery plaques before the last place of local manufacture disappeared.  This explains the Taj (Jaipur's) displays of Rajasthan music and dance on their front terrace every night. A way of putting back.

My putting back was a small water colour study in Derek's own Keepsake Book and another study in the Hotel's Guest Book. Two more thinly veiled attempts as self-aggrandisement.

This evening is our last as tomorrow we pack and head out on the 11am coach to the airport.

 Details of my trip off the reservation this afternoon. up the hill to the Fort today and the lovely church of St Lawrence, the Patron Saint of Sailors will keep a little longer.