Friday, 27 November 2020

GOD'S FIRE STATION Our Lady of the Assumption -

Our Lady of the Assumption - The Church of Rome in Thatcham

This arresting church stopped me in my tracks as I peddled along the busy A4 out of Newbury and into Thatcham. I was keen to know more and emailed the church.

I was delighted by this reply:

Dear Mr Baynes, 

I am sorry to have taken time to reply to your message. Thank you for your interest in our church. Before I put the sign, 'Catholic Church' on it many people thought it was a fire station (thanks to our curious bell tower). There is no guide book but I can tell you that the church was built in 1977 and replaced the building now used as a hall which dates from the 1950s

Best Wishes. Fr Kevin 

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