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On the 10th of December 1966 the Methodist church of Saint Andrews was opened.

There was a much bigger Methodist Church in the centre of Slough however why not build another. Work began in 1965 and a year later it was good to go. 


Her Majesty the Queen Mother was invited to perform the opening ceremony.

Sadly she had to call in sick.



“Hello it's Windsor Castle here, I'm afraid Her Majesty can't make round today to open your church today. 

(Gasp at other end of the telephone)

Spokesman continues: 

“Yeah, she's just been taken poorly so I'm afraid she can't come.


Imagine the reaction of the churchwarden

“What do you mean? We’ve already had the programs printed with ‘er name on it and everything


Well in the end they had to find somebody else to do the job (Sir Thomas Somebody- or-Another)


However, it must've been about a year later when HRH was leafing through her diary for the previous year and seeing the entry for St Andrews’ opening. 

"Oh, I never did get down to opening the church in Slough" 

Then calling across to her aide, 

Er, Billy*, get ‘em on the phone, then bring the car round the front and we’ll pop round and see ‘em now.


Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother did she visit the church the following year, 1967. A wonderful tale of a very interesting church and a clear example why today her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother still holds such a warm place in so many hearts.


*William John Stephenson Tallon RVM (12 November 1935 – 23 November 2007) also known as Backstairs Billy was a steward and member of the Queen Mother 's staff.


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