Wednesday, 18 November 2020


The King's Church, Desborough Road, High Wycombe

The King's Church High Wycombe stands high and proud on the Desborough Road, it might be mistaken for an office block or welfare centre, which is a way it is.


It has a most interesting history. In the late 60s five families moved from Hayes, in Middlesex to a housing estate in Hazlemere and met together in the rooms of their homes.

By 1972, it became apparent the group needed a church. They bought a house, 27 Penn Road Hazlemere. This was financed by the congregation pooling together the money; no hand-outs from the diocese. The place became known as ‘Living Water’

The group continued to grow and outgrew ‘Living Water’. In 1982 they decided to build a church and purchased a book shop and office space in the Desborough Road.

Fast forward to 1992: just down the road a site became available and raising £1,700,000 from property sales, bank loans and donations from the congregation – job done! The King's Church Centre was complete and open for business.

This remarkable story of God and man is taken from the church’s own website here -

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