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Cafe Society? Building a new church

There is  massive of excitement in Hazlemere, population 10,000, a town situated few miles north of High Wycombe. There Holy Trinity Church is under going a multi-million pound construction makeover. The congregation have already pledged over a million pounds for the ‘Trinity Centre’


A spokesman for Holy Trinity said

“Our society has shifted. We engage relationally more and more through the cafe culture. It’s a place where people can explore ideas and build friendships in an informal and relaxed environment. Trinity centre will provide this dedicated hospitality, welcome and cafe space.”


The web site proclaims

“Clear lots of ground for your tents!

 Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!”

Isaiah 54:2 


‘Think big’ in the quotation from Isaiah made me think. I wondered which version of the Bible it was taken? Perhaps it came from the King James Version? Or the New International Version? Or the New Revised Standard Version?


A little digging reveals that for more than two years, Eugene Hoiland Peterson devoted all his efforts to writing The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language. His primary goal was to capture the tone of the text and the original conversational feel of the Greek, in contemporary English. Some might know that Eugene Hoiland Peterson was an American Presbyterian minister, scholar, theologian, author, and poet. 1932 – 2018


God Loves a well crafted latte and a cheerful barista.

God's Glory: An artists impression 

Thing Big for God

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