Sunday, 11 October 2020


We rowed across to a point of land..

Newtown Creek is on the north side of the Isle of Wight.  It is a favourite stopping place for sailors is in need of a bit of a rest and some wonderful things on which to gaze. It was another wonderful warm September day when we set off from Lymington, under the orders of Skipper Pat and First Mate Jill. 
We sped across the Solent into Newtown Creek, strictly speaking Newtown Estuary. 

We soon tied up on a visitors’ mooring and rowed across to a point of land. A walk round a sheltered, low, headland was a good way to work up an appetite for lunch. 

The sky was deepest blue and the sun high. I’d been here several times before and remembered the place does dry out at low water: I recalled waking up during an overnight stay and finding boat at the steepest of angles. Getting out of one's bank was a precarious operation even when sober. 

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Newtown has now been National Trussed up. And as you can walk around Newtown itself, there is evidence of its earlier importance; a salt works and old oyster beds. Little else now remains except some lovely views, trees bowed by prevailing winds and the recurrent songs of estuary birds; surely a place to tarry for a while.

Newtown Isle of Wight 

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