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I have been exploring local churches, those built recently. And I kept the ‘survey’ local to the High Wycombe area; and discovered houses of God in all shapes and sizes and materials.


On the Geograph* website I noticed a picture of St Birinus Church in High Wycombe. Link


Excitedly I wrote to the person who took and contributed the picture, for his permission to making a painting from it. He gave permission and a couple of days later I sent him a jpeg of the finished piece.  He then pointed out that having been onto Google Street View the church was not there now. It had replaced by another. 


I cycled to the place, grid reference SU8491 and discovered the Church of Christ the Servant King. A sketch was made on the spot.


Intrigued I wrote to the church administrator to understand this nifty substitution; explaining that I am always most interested in why one church is built and then is replaced another.


The reply:

“The current church has been built on the foundations of the St Birinus church which was demolished in 2011 with the new building being opened in 2013 The old church, built in the 60s was poorly constructed and not suitable for extending or reconfiguring so it was decided to demolish and rebuild, changing the name as well!”


For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11




*The Geograph® Britain and Ireland project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland,

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