Sunday, 31 March 2019


I was too young to be carrying your Ashes (2017–18)

I watched you disappear. Pink Ghost (2018)

This exhibition ends on April 7 (boo hoo) ‘this’ being A Fortnight of Tears, a major show of Tracy Emin’s work at the White Cube in Bermondsey.

There is lots to love here and get excited about.

And Tracy can’t half draw good.

It is amazing how people want to get so close to her work
The exhibition includes sculpture, paintings, film, photography and drawings. Drawings hung on the walls, sketch books in vitrines (that’s posh for a display case, or cabinet with one or often more transparent glass surfaces). Lots of her thoughts, writings and sketches are here to enjoy.

I came away thrilled and invigorated by this visceral show.  
Get to it if you can. 

Scoop/details here:

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