Wednesday, 6 March 2019


Side and Front view of Bethesda Chapel


We stopped by Bethesda Chapel on our visit to Tenby. This church is part of the Presbyterian Church of Wales (Calvinistic Methodist). This was, for me, another enchanting Welsh chapel discovery

Here there is Sunday Worship at 11am and 6pm and the Pastor, Reverend Martin Williams, leads most of the meetings, occasionally visiting preachers attend this lovely chapel. Important to note there is Bible Study every Tuesday at 6pm. 

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Protestant Dissent in Wales was in the 17th century dominated by the twin movements of the Independents or Congregationalists and the Baptists, although there were Presbyterian congregations often led by clergy ejected from their Anglican livings after defying the 1662 Act of Uniformity. 

In the 18th century Wales was transformed by the coming of Methodism. This was part of a much wider international religious movement, which can be traced to the growth of evangelical Pietism in continental Europe from the later 17th century onwards. Its emphasis on intense personal devotion nurtured by preaching which spoke directly to the individual heart formed the basis for movements which spread to Britain and also to the American colonies. 

In Wales it resulted in two major denominations, Calvinistic Methodism, later also known as Presbyterianism, and Wesleyan Methodism, or simply Methodism. More information is here:

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