Monday, 11 March 2019


Marbella Writers' Workshop

The day after OUR visit to Ronda the literary theme continued.

I sat in on a meeting of the Marbella Writers Workshop and enjoyed their stories, which each person, in turn, shared with the rest of this energetic group of writers. 

A little Wiki-stalking reveals that my dear friend Tony, who chairs the Workshop each week, is not the only person of note to live round here. Sean Connery had a place in Marbella and was he was regularly seen playing. Actor George Clooney is a sometimes resident. Antonio Banderas, was born in the nearby city of M├ílaga.  Arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar (aka the Prince of Marbella) was a long-time resident until his imprisonment.
Marbella Waterfront

 As we walked along the beachfront after the workshop it was warm and sunny and peaceful. During the summer months the population increases by 30% with the arrival of tourists and non-nationals who have their second homes in the area.

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