Sunday, 7 October 2018

From nature's table: Seaweed, treasure on the seashore

Seaweed. Tell me about seaweed.

It appears they are marine macro algae, plant-like organisms that usually live attached to rock or other hard places in coastal areas. (Between a rock and a hard place

But its beauty is just the start. Amid the flotsam and jetsam on our beaches lies a rich abundance of brown, green and red seaweeds that can be put to good culinary and cosmetic use. 

Poking around a bit I found this great guide: Ten to look out for are here

If you are thinking about cooking with seaweed beware says Fergus the Forager on his very useful website: 
Seaweeds are known to take up heavy metals, radionucleotides and various other pollutants. Therefore do not harvest from areas close to places like Sellafield and or areas of heavy industry. 

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