Sunday, 8 July 2018


Our Elbe River Cycle tour reached its the final stage in May this year. I am borrowing liberally from the excellent guide by Elbe Rad Turistik our brilliant organisers.

' SUNDAY Elbe-Rad-Touristik picks up the story

Today you travel to Wittenberge, the biggest town of the Prignitz area. Its port belongs to the most important ones at the river Elbe. 

MONDAY Wittenberge - Hitzacker (approx. 70 km) 
On the western side of the Elbe you first past Wahrenberg where also are many storks. There it is very quiet, because it is situated behind a dike. In the past it was often threatened by high water. The area at Wahrenberg belongs to the bird protection area of Europe and with its meadows and ponds it is a paradise for nature lovers. 
In Aulosen you can visit an open-air model of the former inner-German border with original parts.

The Border Museum of Schnackenburg reminds at the 45-year-long division of Germany. Your today's destination is Hitzacker, which is famous for its beautiful old town with its half-timbered houses and the German brick architecture. 

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