Wednesday, 11 July 2018


THURSDAY Hamburg - Glückstadt (approx. 68 km) 
Elbe-Rad-Touristik says do sample the herring
Today you cycle along the river Elbe from Hamburg Altone through Blankensee to Wedel. You cross Uetersen through the Elbe river floodplains and get to Elmshorn. The central point is the densely populated town centre. Here you can see the 630 years old Nikolai church, which is one of the prettiest ones in this area. 

Today's aim is Glückstadt. Christian IV. King of Denmark established Glückstadt in 1617. There are lots of things to discover in the port. If fishing cutter, sailing yacht or vintage car race, there is always something going on. Glückstadt is famous for its' culinary specialties like "Glückstädter Matjes" as well. 
Planned as a star-shaped city based on the Italian Renaissance style, Glückstadt was built as a fortress city and maritime port in 1617. The intact skyline of old warehouses represents the pride and wealth of this former capital of Schleswig and Holstein. A culinaric speciality, you should definitely try, are the salted Matjes. (HERRINGS)
ANOTHER lively from the excellent guide by Elbe Rad Turistik our brilliant organisers.

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