Saturday, 14 July 2018

House of Treasures

House of Treasures

Three different school groups were scurrying round the display cases. Everyone has a small drawing board, paper and pencil. I'd brought the Moleskine.

We are all chasing treasure down on paper. 

Treasure in glass cases, immaculately labelled. 

Objects that have come from every corner of our world: objects to adorn or disguise, to scare or decorate, objects to stab, club or cut, 

objects with which to dance, make music and mischief. 
Objects for war and to secure peace.

Objects everywhere, all of which entrance. We are at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.

'The Pitt Rivers Museum was founded in 1884 when Lt.-General Pitt Rivers, an influential figure in the development of archaeology and evolutionary anthropology, gave his collection to the University. His two conditions were that a museum was built to house it and that someone should be appointed to lecture in anthropology.'

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