Friday, 1 December 2017

Penarth Pier – Pier of the Year

Rain on the people on the pier - Oh dear!

As it started to rain this lovely art deco Pavilion began to melt in my drawing book. Penarth Pier and its pavilion, opened in 1930, has  been a cinema, dance hall (the Marina Ballroom) and nightclub

The pier was opened in 1898, and at 658 ft. (200 m) it is rather short; it was built that length for fear of obstructing the deep-water channel into Cardiff Docks.  The pier is built of cast iron with a timber decking, it is a delightful promenade.

The pier open  open all year round with several places to get a cup of tea.  Sea fishing is possible from the pier head in all months except June, July and August  and without a licence. In the summer months, the pleasure steamers PS Waverley and MV Balmoral regularly use the pier head pontoon.

Penarth Pier was voted Pier of the Year by the National Piers Society in 2014.

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