Friday, 22 December 2017

Bisham All Saints sadly shut

Bisham All Saints sadly shut

“Whether you’re visiting Bisham and just passing through, or you are new to the area and are looking to find a new church, perhaps you are just starting to explore the Christian faith, we want you to feel welcome in All Saints and come to think of it as home.” A notice declares on the door

Sadly the church was locked so the interior, including the Hoby Chapel “one part of Bisham left alone by the Victorians” (Simon Jenkins 1000 Best Churches) will have to wait until another day.

A small stone's throw to the Thames
This delightful church is right on the bank of the River Thames, about one mile south of Marlow. A peaceful spot and the Saturday silence was only broken by a pair of single skulls purposefully going up stream and an people walking dogs on the Buckinghamshire Bank.

(Subsequently I have made contact with the church office and will be going back in early January.)

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