Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The grand canyons of New York

Looking down from the 27th floor
I was back working in New York, lucky me.

Every morning I walk a few blocks down Lexington Avenue, colloquially known as "Lex”. I am on the East Side of Manhattan, mid town. Lexington Avenue became part of a classic cinematic moment in the 1955. In the movie The Seven Year Itch, the scene in which Marilyn Monroe was shot standing on a subway grating, her skirt billows up from the wind underneath.

Entrance Tickets

Into Grand Central Station I walk. And up to the 27th floor of the MetLife Building (formerly the PanAm Building). A remarkable view, that constantly distracts me; looking south on a ‘canyon’ that changes colour almost be the minute as the sky, light and clouds transform buildings, sidewalks and traffic.

Dear Lexington Avenue

More Park Avenue

A small part of a big and exciting city that never fails, since my first visit in 1987, to impress, entertain and enthrall.

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