Thursday, 19 January 2017

Scourie - Furthest north and west a bit

Hills around Scourie 350 million years ago!

Oh, we must be talking about Scourie again, a remote area in the far Northwest Highlands of Scotland.

Yes, a perfect place to spend New Years eve and day.
An on the 1st of January we walked up the huge hill that overlooks the village and looked down.

Oh, and then looking over to the East, three big hills. These were, built 350 million years ago and each one is +/- 700 metres high and one wonders were they built to that height at precisely that time or did they grow over time.

No matter, an incredible sight on a sunny new years day!

At the edge of the Laxford Estuary

New Year's Day: Looking east to the hills 

Again we were with friends Fiona, Charlotte and Richard Campbell who again in a few months time will be re-opening the Scourie Hotel to an adoring clientele, especially those fishermen in search of wild brown trout!

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