Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Chapels in High Wycombe 3: Union Baptist

Grand classical: almost baroque and this building shouts ‘we had a bob or two to spend on the building of ours and pushed the boat out’. 

The lovely honey-coloured stone was topping up its tan in the last of the afternoon’s sun. Completing the drawing I peddled up the hill to catch the train back to Beaconsfield.

Interestingly and aside "chapel" is sometimes used as an adjective to describe the members of such churches ("I'm chapel."). I had it mind to draw these three chapels; each of which is by the side of the River Wye. 

This chalk stream rises in the Chiltern Hills. It flows for around 9 miles through High Wycombe on its way down to Bourne End, where it meets the River Thames on the reach above Cookham Lock.

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