Saturday, 12 March 2016

Reasons to love Wales #64: Mumbles

My late father-in-law Bill, a giant amongst men, likened looking out from Mumbles across the water to Swansea town, to looking out across the Bay of Naples.
An acute and precious observation.

Mumbles at low tide June '94
Last evening a good friend from Mumbles, violinist Jonathan Evan-Jones, send me copies of two small watercolour studies he discovered amongst his mother Beti's papers.

I must have created them and sent these tiny pieces to his parents, Beti and Huw.
They were great friends to Sian and I for so many years.
Mumbles brings memories, it is a wonderful seaside town.

To Beti and Huw with love from us all - undated

More on Jonathan and HIS work here

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