Sunday, 6 March 2016

A gorgeous bit of Greek in Hertfordshire

Ayot St Lawrence  - all Greek

Ayot St Lawrence

In the 1778 the Lord of the Manor at Ayot St Lawrence, Sir Lionel Lyde, thought the view from his home would be improved by Doric temple across the fields from his front door and perhaps a Gothic ruin, to be seen from another direction.

Framed by winter trees St Lawrence is the first ever Doric order parish church. It is has two open side chapels running off either side. Inside each is a commemorative urn.  

All it all this church was a remarkable sight as Rosie and I walked across the fields and up to its front door. Inside St Lawrence is more classical Roman than Greek. Good acoustics, unable to resist, I picked up a hymn book and sang Now That We All Our God

Oh, and Lionel’s need for Gothic ruin? Oh, this was achieved by pulling down most of the village church that was their since the 1100s!   You can still see what Lionel left us, very Mary Shelly.

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