Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Canals of Milan

Excellent Pizza in Milano

Canals are not the sole preserve of Venice.
The Duomo, built by materials transported by the canals

I was lucky enough to say in Navigli, one of the most exciting neighbourhoods in Milan and it is only ten minutes on Tram number 3 to the Duomo.

Southwest of the centre, this  area is named for the navigli, the canals that were once ubiquitous in this former port area.

Today they are running with crystal clear water – thanks to recent funding due to Expo 2015. I even saw fish jumping clear from the surface!

Once the canals formed a 150 km long network that connected the city with the rivers and lakes in Lombardy. They were used for irrigation; provided the city with water and were ideal to transport people and goods.  

The marble used for the construction of the Duomo was transported via these canals. Along the way pizza was served. As it was to me, that evening after my work was done.

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