Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A lovely library near Slough

The Kedermister Library, a super place to read books in latin

Well, after a pleasant exchange of emails with the Vicar of St Mary’s Langley I was in!

Rather, I had set up an appointment to see the Kedermister Library. The visit took place last Friday under the  unctuous  supervision of Reverend Robin Grayson

The Kedermister Library is a rare surviving example of an early 17th-century parish library. In a room, richly decorated this collection of lovely books is preserved in situ in the decorated wooden cupboards originally designed for it in 1620. 

Founded around 1613 by Sir John Kedermister (d. 1631) it was established to provide for the education of the rector of St. Mary's, and presented to the church in perpetuity by Sir John.  (Sir John made his money from the careful stewardship of the King’s land here about.)

You will need to go to the British Library to see two of the Library's treasures, the Kedermister Gospels (an 11th-century illuminated manuscript) and the Pharmacopolium or a booke of Medicine (a manuscript herbal of 1630). (However a photocopy of the latter is on sale in the church.

All in all, this library is a marvellous room of treasures; and accessible through the asking of.

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