Sunday, 15 November 2015

St Mary’s, a sweet spot near Slough

Plans have been laid for the return trip to St Mary's

The church of St Mary's was locked so I was not able to go inside and see the Kedermister Library, given by the local landowner Sir John Kedermister in the 1600’s.

On an overcast day I contented myself with exterior sketch.

Only today I discover that the churchyard is the resting place of artist Paul Nash one of my favourite painters of the 1930’s and 40’s.

Plans have been laid for the return trip to Langley in the borough of Slough.  I am in contact with the Vicar who is keeper of the keys.

In his wonderful book England's Thousand Best Churches Simon Jenkins comments, referencing St Mary's being only five minutes from the M4,

‘This is a church for connoisseur church-hunters. The setting could hardly be less promising. Yet here lies one of the gems of English Church art’

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