Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Scourie Stories; or how to have a home in the Highlands

The Scourie hotel is my home in The Highlands.  It is only five hundred and sixty five miles from Beaconsfield!

There is warm welcome, a spectacular landscape fanning out from every road from Scourie Village.  There are lochs and hills and quite beaches.

Scourie is about halfway between Ullapool and Durness in the county of Sutherland.  The population is just over two hundred people, which swells with visitors from all over Europe in the summer. We all come for the welcome, the remarkable landscapes and wide-open roads.

The Scourie Hotel situated in this stunning area of untouched beauty. Richard, Fiona and Charlotte Campbell are the hosts. They have poured in fresh energy  to invigorate this lovely hotel whose history dates back to the 17th Century http://scouriehotel.com

Scourie Gallery at bit.ly/1TFYDj3

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