Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Orkney Stories Day 3: Rousay Island

Ferry-tastique and in a jiffy we are on Rousay. 

Bike hire easy, cycling harder.

Headwinds and mild hills 

The view from Taversoe Tuik softens my heart and the saddle of my bike.

Taversoe Tuick is one of at least 15 Neolithic tombs on this precious island. 

Yet grouchy again arriving MidHowe Tomb. Another neolithic bonanza  No cause for ill humour, this is a critically important Site. 

Afterward a tea on the harbour front, back on the ferry with the wind at our backs. 

Orkney, it is all about the islands.

The view from Taversoe Tuick

Mid Howe the  central passageway flanked by a series of paired stones that separate the side spaces into compartments

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