Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sailing in the Solent - Roman Shipping Lanes

Itchenor - Cocktails - Roman Shipping Lanes - A sunset to remember

Itchenor Harbour

Sharp right and we headed up the estuary stopping for the night in Itchenor, a small village on the Eastern shore of Chichester Harbour. Before cocktails we tidied and stowed the sails, adjusted fenders over the side of Rag Doll to make sure everything was set for the evening.

The Itchenor Ferry plied its trade between boats and the quayside. Close by St Nicholas Church stands out against the sun. The church contains a copy of the first chart ever made of the shifting sands of Chichester Harbour - the original chart was made over 200 years ago. Earlier still Roman shipping sailed up these waters to their major settlement at Fishbourne, the large palace was built in the 1st century AD, around thirty years after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Saturday Supper: I prepared a meal of entrecĂ´te aux pommes avec salad vert and the boys were happy. And before turning in we enjoyed the remarkable sunset.

Itchenor shown middle right on chart.


  1. I wonder if you went to see the Roman villa at Fishbourne...

  2. Mark, Good morning and thank you for the comment Sian and I made a special trip to Fishbourne in 2013 I think! Hope you are well. Wet in Bucks! So house bound making Courgette Soup! Love to Jane T


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