Friday, 17 April 2015


Its an Allotment life.

Palpable signs of life this sunny Sunday morning with other holders singly or in pairs hard at it, preparing their ground for an onslaught of planting.

Be a Yurt, the country needs Yurts

I saw several wigwams of canes and wondered if these might be part of a larger initiative to introduce the idea of yurts portable, round tent popular the steppes of Central Asia. 

Aside from the on shed (to store the mowers and strimmer) sheds are not permitted on our allotments and I wondered if the construction of yurts might be a way around this byelaw.

Sian put me right, talking a well-earned rest from her hoeing, she explained these cane constructions where for the runner beans. Phew !


  1. I only sowed my Runners last weekend, and they haven't germinated yet. I grow mine up bamboo canes, but in a row, not a wigwam. They are one of the staple crops in my garden, grown every year.

    1. Blessing for the comment. Unrelatedly, my ebay Olympus is yielding results Tim


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